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Mommy makeover: as low as $7120.00 all included

Cost of procedures

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Daddy Makeover:  $7,495 (4 nights) (Read Note 3 Below)
Mommy Makeover (tummy tuck, liposuction of waist, breasts implants:  $7,495 (4 nights) (add $500 if pexia is needed). Read Note 3 Below

Our procedures

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) is $4995 (3 nights)
Back Lift is $4995 (3-4 nights)
Bladder Lift is $3,500
Blepharoplasty Eye Lid Lift (Upper & Lower) $2995 as primary procedure, $ 1950 as secondary 
procedure** (2 nights)
Botox is $500 for 50U. Enough for forehead, brow, upper 
nose and crow’s feet. (0 nights)
Breast augmentation (cohesive gel implants) (enlargement) alone without lift is $3995 (1 nights)
Breast Implants & Lift is $4500 (3 nights) If a patient already has breast implants, it’s an extra $250 to 
remove and do new ones. You must mention this and adjust their pricing accordingly when booking.
Breast lift (Mastopexy) alone is $4,500 (3 nights)
Breast Reduction & Lift is $4,500 (3 nights)
Brow Lift (Forehead Lift) is $3,500 (3 nights)
Buttocks Lift (lipo with fat transfer) starts at $4995 (3-4 nights)
Circumcision is $2500 as primary procedure, $1,450 as secondary procedure** (1-2 nights)
Chin Lift is $3995 (2-3 nights)
Face Lift (Rhytidectomy) is $5995 (3-4 nights)
Mini Face Lift is $3995 (2-3 nights)
Fat Transfer Add On (when applicable) is $500, ONLY WHEN LIPOSUCTION IS DONE, otherwise patient will be charged 2 areas of Lipo and the Fat transfer will be free.
Hair transplants with microscope technique $5,500 (4,500 hair follicles) (2-3 nights)
Labiaplasty is $3,500
Lower and upper back, abdomen, arms, inner thighs: $7,495,00 (3-4 nights)
Lower and upper back, abdomen, inner thighs: $6,995,00 (3-4 nights)
Lower and upper back, abdomen $6,495,00 (3-4 nights)
Lower back, abdomen inner thighs: $6,495,00 (3-4 nights)
Lower back, abdomen: $5,995,00 (3-4 nights)
Arm add on : $995.00
Inner thighs add on : $995.00

Daddy Makeover is for $7,495 (4 nights) (REFER TO NOTE 3 BELOW)
Mommy Makeover (tummy tuck, lipo, breast augmentation) is $7,495 (3-4 nights) (REFER TO NOTE 3 BELOW)
MMO Extended Tummy Tuck Add On is $1,250 (3-4 nights) (REFER TO NOTE 3 BELOW)
Neck Lift is $3,500 (2-3 nights)
Panniculectomy is $4995 (3-4 nights)
Penis Augmentation is $3,500.00 
Rhinoplasty (nose job) is $3995 (2 nights)
Scar revision is usually around $1,000 but patient need to send us a photo of the scar in order to prepare 
a quote.
Thigh Lift is $4995 (3-4 nights)
Tummy Tuck (includes Lipo of waist/lower back) is $4995 (3-4 nights)
Under Bra Pexia is $1,900.00
Vaginal Rejuvenation & Bladder Lift (AKA Vaginal Reconstruction) is $5,900 (3-4 nights)
Vaginal Reconstruction alone is $3,500 (1-2 nights)
Vampire face lift (stem cell face lift) is $500 
Veins treatment. $150.


1) Patients looking for plastic surgery must send pictures to be reviewed and approved by the surgeon. Those pictures should be sent to:

2) A package Price may increase if a patient decides to have additional procedure (s) during consultation prior to surgery. 
For this, the charge for any added and settled surgical procedures (s) will be the patient’s responsibility. 

3) There may be a need for blood transfusion during  and/or after surgery.  Patients who have had gastric sleeve and/or are having a Liposuction might present some anemia prior to or during the surgical process. If this is the case, patients will be responsible for paying each blood unit needed (usually cost around $250-300 p/unit). 
The blood bank that we work with is very reliable.

4)  Our package includes hotel accommodations for the indicated stay after the surgery if the patient comes unaccompanied. If a patient comes with a companion, he/she will be responsible for the guest room and/or food. 
The patient may share the room with a guest but standard room charges will apply (Approximately $60.00 per night).


5) Yanez Plastic Surgery will pick up the patient(s) and one guest only (if requested) upon notification of arrival at the San Diego Airport.

The patient will indicate the pick up location and time by email.


Or Any Surgery over $4,000.00 dlls.

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